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Subject : RE: [Anaglyphs] Concrete Canyon Transportation [1 Attachment] / Ray
From : "Brian Wallace Starg82343(-at-) [anaglyphs]"
To : anaglyphs
Date : Thu, 15 Oct 2015 19:57:54 -0400


Thanks for commenting and relating your personal experience there Ray.

It was pretty dark by the time I walked all the way around to the Torsk.  I think I still took a picture of the Constellation however.  I have a few of those in our group's archive already though.


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To: anaglyphs(-at-)
From: anaglyphs(-at-)
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 22:23:21 +0000
Subject: Re: [Anaglyphs] Concrete Canyon Transportation [1 Attachment] / Brian

Good one, Brian. The frame is helpful for added depth. The last time that we were there, a crane was loading a large barge with brown sugar at the Domino's location. The whole harbor was filled with the smell of brown sugar for the entire day. That day, we took a water taxi across the harbor to Fort McHenry, then to Fells Point after that. We had a great time. The crab cakes were awesome.
I can't seem to spot the Torsk or the Constellation in your shots.


From: "Brian Wallace Starg82343(-at-) [anaglyphs]" <anaglyphs(-at-)>
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Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2015 2:03 AM
Subject: [Anaglyphs] Concrete Canyon Transportation [1 Attachment]

Around sunset, I found myself looking out at the "Domino Sugars" sign, a familiar and well known landmark for Baltimore.  I tried to frame it between two masts rising on either side.

This is still the same ritzy area of "Concrete Canyon", some of which is built literally on the water.  I guess this is the favorite mode of transportation for the area.  Everything else downtown is within walking distance.

I did several 2D versions including a "color-select" effect of the image in grayscale, except for the Domino Sugars sign in color... -wallace.html

Cha cha (with cloning fixes including smoke, flag, and water), Nikon D600, Focal Length 85.0 mm, PS-CS6, ACR, SPM, IrfanView
(The floating window was added mainly to reduce deviation but may have also helped reduce some ghosting)


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Posted by: Brian Wallace <starg82343(-at-)>
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