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Subject : [Anaglyphs] Where Paths Unite [1 Attachment]
From : "Brian Wallace Starg82343(-at-) [anaglyphs]"
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Date : Tue, 10 Nov 2015 18:41:50 -0500

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After I left the Renaissance Festival, I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by also visiting a park that was in the vicinity.  I had been wanting to check out for a while. 

Last year I bought a lifetime park pass that included 4 county parks.  Two of the parks are very close to home but two others, I had never visited.  This one in Annapolis is called "Clear Waters" park. 

I was extremely beat, having already attended the Ren Fest, but since it now didn't cost me anything for the county park, I followed the course set into my GPS and came to it.

I posted a few images from Clear Waters park a bit earlier this year.  This is from that same outing.

(In this version, I added the paint brush deer silhouette for fun and interest along wi th some vignetting).

This shows several trails converging near a cove at South River.

Cha cha, Nikon D600, Focal Length: 85 mm, PS-CS6, ACR, SPM, IrfanView.


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