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Subject : Re: [Anaglyphs] shahrokh_Wine pot_A [1 Attachment]
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Date : Sat, 12 Dec 2015 10:17:55 +0100

123655_Shahrokh_Wine_pot_print_without_ghostJMH_A_2.jpg : (959K)


Hello Shahrokh,

Very good phantogram for screen put horizontally. I do an appreciate a lot this art!

But with print the result was a big ghosting.
So I permit to made this version to avoid ghosting same as with a LASER printer (so bad as OFFSET inks because the cyan are not real cyan).

It will be nice to have an Mpo version for 3D TV, I also put one horizontally on a down table.



Le 12/12/2015 00:31, Shahrokh Dabiri dabiri58(-at-) [anaglyphs] a écrit :
Hi friends,

In Phantogram creation, background can be a subject of interest too, I believe!

I hope you like it,

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