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Subject : [Anaglyphs] Van Loo's camera obscura [1 Attachment]
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Date : 02 Jan 2016 05:11:50 -0800

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Nobody knows if it really was Van Loo's own family. Most scholars think he didn't have a familiy at all. He habitually roamed across Europe as a free artist in search of commissions, mostly in Italy, Austria and France. One may suppose it is an imaginary portrait. For our group the real interest lies in the camera obscura which was painted here for the first time in the history of art. Artists used it as a precursor of the photo camera, with the difference that they had to trace the mirror Image with a pencil. This painting was a contract work commissioned by a Prussian princess. I thought it was an appropriate object for a stereoscopic conversion and only hope you won't point out too many flaws. --- J.V.

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