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Subject : RE: [Anaglyphs] Native American Indian [6 Attachments]
From : "Larry Fischer lrfbob(-at-) [anaglyphs]"
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Date : Wed, 6 Jan 2016 22:08:29 -0500

123780_220px_Paratrooper_applies_war_paint_111_SC_193551cropped.jpg : (16K)
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Interesting, here is the original pair if you want to play with the color.


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Subject: Re: [Anaglyphs] Native American Indian



Interesting 3D shoot of a Mohawk (Mohican) or Pawnee copy. Some of the AIRBORNE US soldiers in Normandy had the same hair cut...
and a friend of mine to celebrate the Overlord operation some years ago in France, do the same to his hair (his wife was angry)...and wearing an airborne uniform and he had a real Jeep of the US army dated WWII.

I imagine you used B&W anaglyph because his mask his red...but it is possible to keep a narrow red color after a color correcting with Photoshop
in order to reduce a maximum his rivalry with the cyan bellow. Needs also to adjust the red color at parallax 0 (no parallax on this color)
Of course the red color disappears with R/C glasses but you got the red information before to use glasses.
Anyway, maybe not interesting finally?

It will be a nice automatic tool if SPM could add it after selection of the red zone to treat.
See also the third Pict bellow... red color could keep without color correcting when it is a red light, so flashing (because rivalry) less disturb. But also need to be mounted at parallax 0.


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Le 06/01/2016 05:03, Larry Fischer lrfbob(-at-) [anaglyphs] a écrit :



Native American Indian, taken at Nankin Mills, Westland, MI.


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